Thank You to the Shelton School in Dallas for purchasing Reading Buddy Cutouts for the entire K-2nd Grade!
The girls worked hard to make the 90 Cutouts and loved spelling out words with them!
Our biggest order yet and we couldn't be more appreciative for y'all.
We hope the kids are enjoying using them in the classroom.
Thanks again!


My students love these bookmarks! They are easy to use and just the right size. My students have an easier time with their fluency and keeping track of their place when reading text without my help anymore. This really increases their autonomy and creates independent readers. You guys are the best!

ProgressiveK12 - Corrine Turner


Readers, I wanted to share my new set of personalized "Reading Buddies" or trackers.
Mollye Karp Finkelstein and her entrepreneurial daughters make these with a 3D printer and can put any name on them.
I've looked into these before on Amazon and sure they have them but are flimsy and don't last long.  These are hard, sturdy, durable plastic.
I bought a class set of 25 with my name on each so I can use them for years to come.
I love a small business especially one run by women/girls and school aged children developing an idea and seeing it through to fruition.  Great job girls.

Ms. McClelland


We used this for his 15 min a day of silent reading and it has helped cut down his frustration and kept him engaged with his reading.  We love this reading buddy and highly recommend them to parents who have kids who have a hard time reading and focusing on the lines.



Our Reading Buddies have helped my kiddos so much!  My ADHD daughter hasn't lost her place once!

KelseyAnn Rose


Loving her new Reading Buddy from Mollye Karp Finkelstein!  The girl just can't stop reading now! It helps so much! Thank You!!

Kristen Hammonds

They LOVE them and have been using them every night.  I'll buy some more for friends (my oldest started a reading club).


We love them!  Such a neat thing - thank you so much!!


She is very proud of it and uses it for her reading every day.  It's helping keep her focused and on the correct lines.


It's Amazing. He loves it and so do I. Thank you so much.


My daughter loves them.  She has one at school and one at home.