The Land of Stories – The Wishing Spell - Book Review #1

I just finished reading The Land of Stories – Book 1 - The Wishing Spell using my personalized reading buddy cutout for 3rd graders and up.

Madeline’s book blog below:

The story is about Alex and Conners journey through the Land of Stories. It starts on Alex and Conners birthday when their grandmother arrives. She celebrates their birthday and gives them her green Land of Stories book as a present. Alex and Conner open the book and it starts to glow. Later, they accidentally fall into the book and end up in the fairytale land. They meet a frogman, and he helps them find a spell called the wishing spell that will take them home. Their adventure begins and they journey through all the kingdoms locating items for the wishing spell to work. On their journey, they run into trouble with the Evil Queen from Snow Whites fairytale. She is also looking for the wishing spell, but it can only be used one more time. It’s a race to find the wishing spell items first but if the evil Queen finds them, will Alex and Conner ever be able to find their way home?

I recommend the book because it is full of excitement and adventure.

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Madeline Finkelstein, 3rd grader

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