Monthly Book Blog! October 2021

Monthly Book Blog!

Emilia, Pre-K book review:

Fancy Nancy Best Reading Buddies by Jane O’Connor

1. She is Fancy 2. She likes to read with her reading buddy.

Evelyn, 2nd grade book review:

Whatever After Series by Sarah Mlynoswki

Whatever After is a great series for 8-12 year olds. There is magic, adventures, characters and fun. It is like the story comes to life and either a reading buddy or a reading buddy cutout, they both work great.

Madeline, 5th grade book review:

Mr. Lemoncello’s Library by Chris Grabenstein

Mr. Lemoncello is one of my favorite book series and I read it with my reading buddy. It’s a grest series for kids who love solving riddles, puzzles, games and more. With Kyle Keely and his friends, you escape into a Library, do a super cool Olympics, run a race, breakout of a 3D story and do a series of obstacles, trying to find the titanium ticket. Mr. Lemoncello’s Library is book 1 and you solve the puzzles, clues, games and riddles of this amazing Library. And on top of all that you learn a little of the Dewey Decimal system too!. Great for chapter book readers ages 9-12. The book pairs up nicely with a reading buddy cutout or reading buddy.

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