Reading Buddy Cutout Video


Hi! We are three sisters who started


Our first product is the Reading Buddy. A personalized bookmark that offers a choice of design to show your personality and keep your place in a book. Then we created the Reading Buddy Cutout available in two sizes for different levels of reading. Perfect bookmark for readers who want to eliminate distracting text, prevent line skipping and help increase focus while reading.  Our newest addition is a Textbook Reading Cutout which is perfect for workbooks and school books.


We sell 3D printed and customized Reading BuddiesReading Buddy Cutouts and Textbook Reading Cutouts. We solve problems and have fun! We hope you enjoy our products! Feel free to send us a message if you have any questions! 

Tell Us What You Think :)

My students love these bookmarks! They are easy to use and just the right size. My students have an easier time with their fluency and keeping track of their place when reading text without my help anymore. This really increases their autonomy and creates independent readers. You guys are the best!

ProgressiveK12 - Corrine Turner